Low frequency magnetic shielding by mutual electric meters
Expertise in low frequency magnetic shielding.

60 years of expertise in low frequency magnetic shielding

MECA MAGNETIC has a recognised expertise and know-how in low-frequency magnetic shielding from leading-edge sectors.
Solidly established in France, and with its widely recognised expertise in high added value markets, MECA MAGNETIC supports you on a daily basis in the development of your low frequency magnetic shielding products.
Customer satisfaction is our major concern and guides our processes, our organisation, our human and material investments on a daily basis.


60 years expertise

A 60-years widely recognized expertise and more than 10 years of involvement in major European scientific projects.

Key dates
Scientific projects

Creation of the company specialized in magnetic shielding


The company is renamed MECA MAGNETIC


Structuring of the export department


Positioning on the aeronautic markets

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Certification 9001- v2008

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Scientific project

First deliveries of shielding to CEA

Scientific project

European XFEL: a new generation free electron laser for Europe.

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Member of the AITR association and PIGES since 2018
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Member of the EDEN Cluster

Scientific project

The IFMIF (International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility) project aims to provide users with an intense source of neutrons, in order to qualify the future materials lining the inner walls of future thermonuclear fusion reactors.

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First ISO 9001- v2015 certification

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Scientific project

The European Spallation Source (ESS) is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERic), a multidisciplinary research facility based on the most powerful neutron source in the world.

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Member of the  FRENCH FAB

Scientific project

SARAF: Provide an intense source of fast neutrons and radioactive nuclei to explore rare nuclear reactions and produce radionuclides for nuclear medicine.

SARAF Equipped Cavity Test Stand (ECTS) at CEA

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Scientific project

BESSY VSR: BESSY-VSR is a novel approach to create in the Storage Ring BESSY II long and short photon pulses simultaneously for all beam lines through a pair of superconducting bunch compression cavities. BESSY-VSR represents also a missing link between the extreme average brilliance of ultimate storage rings like PETRA III and Free Electron Laser

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Our History

Since 1963, when it was founded, MECA MAGNETIC has continued to enrich its expertise in low-frequency magnetic shielding, to develop its skills in boiler making and fine sheet metal work and finally to structure its organization around the design and manufacture of shielding parts.

Since its creation, the company has focused on high value-added markets such as medical imaging and aeronautics. It began to export its know-how in the 2000s, and today more than 60% of its turnover is generated by exports, mainly in Europe.

Since 2012, it has combined its know-how with the realization of large-scale scientific projects, sometimes multi-year, allowing the entire structure to significantly increase its competence.

Our expertise

It also decides to solidify its organization by passing, as early as 2009, the ISO 9001-v2008 certification reinforcing its working procedures, then, in 2018, the ISO 9001-v2015 certification, thus strengthening its managerial methods and its strategy.

Today, MECA MAGNETIC works for worldwide groups which represented, in 2023, 70% of its sales, mainly in Europe.

  • It adapts to all types of requests, masters the advanced techniques of fine boiler making and develops and manufactures about a hundred custom products per year for industries, customers or end markets with high requirements: space, medical imaging, aeronautics, cryogenics, tomography, particle gas pedals...

Human and material resources

MECA MAGNETIC currently has 22 employees and is structured around two sites.

  • The production plant in Amilly (45), located 100 km south of Paris, which houses the design office that will assist you in your industrial development of shielding solutions and the production plant.
  • The head office in Lyon (69), for the general management, financial, commercial and human resources functions.


usine de production MECA MAGNETIC à Amilly
management meeting meca magnetic amilly

On its Amilly site, MECA MAGNETIC works, transforms and assembles several tons of metal and/or other magnetic alloys each year.

  • All our manufacturing is done in France with materials purchased in Europe, guaranteeing a certain level of quality. The subcontracting is essentially made in Continental Europe within a reliable network.
Our Processes

Expertise and Customer Commitment

MECA MAGNETIC provides its design office and production team to meet all your needs in low frequency magnetic shielding and is committed to customer satisfaction.

We integrate an ethical and societal responsibility approach in the conduct of our business.

A wide range of applications and shielding parts

MECA MAGNETIC does not work from a catalog but offers all types of parts. The production is thus declined in series (from one piece to small series up to 1 million units) of simple or very complex armouring parts with the possibility of integrating multiple sub-assemblies, of all dimensions (from 1 cm3 to several meters, rooms) requiring varied manufacturing processes with a multiplicity of components and high finishing requirements. Our shielding parts meet the needs of strong magnetic field attenuation with demanding applications.

To date, we have more than 5000 references in our portfolio and produce more than 500 different product lines each year, each with its own requirements and the implementation and management of complex quality processes. Our production is precise and our contact is personalized.


Fine sheet metal work magnetic shielding

Our commitment : the satisfaction of our customers

MECA MAGNETIC places customer satisfaction at the center of its decisions and actions.

Its expertise in low-frequency magnetic shielding is recognized by its mainly European customers. The company, a Tier 1 supplier to major world groups with references in the panels, benefits from long-lasting customer relationships (over 20 years for the oldest). The decision chains are short, allowing it to work with a certain reactivity.

This customer relationship is also the result of regular exchanges and adjustments and of an adaptability that allows it to meet various requirements.


MECA MAGNETIC relies on qualified and experienced internal resources. The average experience of its employees, regularly trained, is more than 8 years. The organization is constantly upgrading its skills to adapt to customer needs and market requirements.

Our customer commitment is illustrated by our ability to:

  • – Design or adapt shoring solutions/parts according to your requirements
  • – Manage your projects/products and their evolution in a personalized and reactive way with a privileged interlocutor
  • – Control all prototyping, pre-industrialization and production operations, whether integrated or outsourced
  • – Respecting deadlines
  • – To propose competitive costs, adapted to the levels of requirements (special processes, traceability, repeatability…)
  • – Support the specific demands of certain customers (project management, on-site installation, etc.)
  • – To be part of a continuous improvement process (product, system and service quality).
Quality control Meca Magnetic Amilly

Our social responsibility (CSR)

A demanding and committed family business, MECA MAGNETIC has always been oriented towards customer service and adaptability, professional ethics, continuous improvement and the transmission of knowledge and skills.

Its expertise and professional ethics are recognized by its customers -in particular historical ones-; its employees are loyal, but new resources come regularly to enrich the teams and improve the working practices.

MECA MAGNETIC integrates in its decisions and actions the regulatory aspects (national and/or rules applying to import/export) and endeavors to implement on a daily basis the applicable requirements as well as the dimensions related to its social responsibility, the human factors and the respect of ethical professional practices.

Our actions are carried out with integrity and with a concern for the protection and conservation of the information held for our clients. Our purchases and subcontracting are carried out in the European Union.


  • This customer anchoring, these solid historical pillars, this flexibility and the values carried by a new direction inscribe MECA MAGNETIC in a true dynamics of organization centered on the result and the research of innovation.

Our CSR practices are particularly illustrated through the following aspects:


  • – A company on a human scale, with local management, a quality of life at work illustrated by a profit-sharing agreement, luncheon vouchers, frequent and paid breaks, regular communication…
  • – A near parity with 8 women out of 20 employees.
  • – A regular training effort with daily internal training and more than 80 days of external training provided annually.
  • – Helping young people integrate into the professional world through internships and apprenticeships, because we are committed to passing on our knowledge and are aware of the richness of diversity.
  • – Taking into account the customers’ requests by treating them with all the necessary seriousness and the will to bring them solutions
  • – Our waste is monitored, treated and recycled.

Key Figures

2022 Sales
61 %
% export sales
39 %
% French sales
Customer satisfaction indicator (2023)
4 %
investments as % sales
5 days
Response time
> 90 %
Service rate (February 2022)
more than 5t
Regular stock in permimphy or cryophy
> 40t/ annum
Material transformation capacity
Low frequency magnetic shielding part
Certification iso 9001

Sustainable Partnerships

MECA MAGNETIC’s mastery and development are also based on a network with long-lasting and solid partnerships with its customers, suppliers, subcontractors, funders and industrial groups. The whole of this network, also allows to ensure a repeatability of the services.

Our network of subcontractors and suppliers is regularly evaluated

Illustration of the Partnerships, suppliers and network of Meca Magnetic

MECA MAGNETIC has a large and solid network of more than 150 subcontractors and suppliers, with the specific expertise required for the finishing of low frequency magnetic shielding parts.

Built over time, this network meets strict criteria that are evaluated every year, namely:

  • – technical competence,
  • – professionalism
  • – price / time / reactivity
  • – qualification by the customer, referencing in the customer panel
  • – the distribution of risks
  • – recommendations
  • – CSR (ethics).

The geographical proximity of the great majority of our partners allows us to ensure a minimum of ethical practices in the conduct of business, but also to build lasting bonds of trust. MECA MAGNETIC sets up a monitoring system and triggers any necessary actions to improve this panel.

Our customers are loyal

MECA MAGNETIC’s customers have been with us for more than 15 years on average.

An annual measurement of customer satisfaction (quality of parts, respect of deadlines, technicality of contacts, etc.) is carried out; at the end of 2021, it was 4.53/5.

For certain sectors, the KPIs can be studied monthly. The company also has a structure that enables it to carry out annual reviews, customer audits, etc.

Strategic networks

In order to establish its position more strongly with large groups and research laboratories, MECA MAGNETIC has joined the Eden (European Defense Economic Network) and Piges (R&D of scientific equipment for research laboratories) networks.
The French Fab embodies the industrial companies located in France which recognize themselves in the will to develop the French industry.

MECA MAGNETIC derives most of its value from one or more manufacturing stages located in France. Thus, the substantial transformation of the delivered products is carried out in France. To enhance our French know-how, we joined the French Fab network in July 2019.

Created in 2017 at the initiative of the public authorities, La French Fab today represents a network of 260,000 companies, mostly SMEs and ETIs, whose commitment is to develop French industry and its know-how.

logo PIGES long

MECA MAGNETIC has since the beginning of the 2000s chosen a strategic orientation and collaboration with large scientific laboratories and European projects. It has, since then, integrated groups or associations of companies in these sectors in order to always better respond to these research organizations. These companies are now federated under the PIGES network. The members are both large French groups, ETIs and niche SMEs.

EDEN, cluster in aeronautics and defence

MECA MAGNETIC is historically a player in the aerospace industry and can therefore indirectly serve the defense markets. The EDEN Cluster (European Defense Economic Network) was created in 2008 with the support of the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA). This association has about a hundred members (SMEs) and aims to develop collaboration and projects in France and internationally on the defense markets.