Magnetic shielding for armored car

Very low residual fields thanks to room shielding

MECA MAGNETIC has been providing room and transformer shielding for local authorities, public organizations and private companies for nearly 10 years.

There are several types of shielded rooms that require different solutions:

Zero Gauss rooms: for research and experimentation (optronics, electronic microscopes, squid…) pop up: extremely precise magnetic flux detector

Transformers and low-field rooms: to stabilize ambient magnetic variations and reduce pollution levels.

Zero Gauss rooms

These rooms are mainly ordered by public or private laboratories in order to eradicate magnetic fields from a work area. The following applications are concerned: electron microscopes, optronics rooms, tomography rooms… After the installation of a magnetic shielding, the residual field can reach a few nano Tesla. This passive shielding can be completed with an active shielding (subcontracted), in order to further improve the required performances.

MECA MAGNETIC has an experienced and qualified design office capable of designing the shielding magnetically and mechanically, carrying out the necessary measurements on site (France or neighbouring countries), ensuring the supply of materials, heat treatment, permeability tests, installation and final inspection (which can also be subcontracted on request). The integration of active shielding (outsourced to recognized subcontractors in the sector) is also possible.

The rooms are made of permimphy , often in multi-layers, and depending on the frequencies disturbing the environment and the field attenuation required, they can be completed with layers of iron-silicon, pure iron or aluminum.

Transformer shields and low field rooms

Transformers produce electromagnetic radiation, which causes environmental pollution and thus interferes with the operation of nearby workstations (electronic devices).  Transformer shielding can also be part of a risk prevention policy.

A computer server room can generate the same type of problems; we then speak of low field rooms.

MECA MAGNETIC provides you with its teams who will design the shielding magnetically and mechanically, carry out the necessary measurements on site (in France and continental Europe), supply the materials necessary for the elaboration of the shielding, ensure the installation and the final control.

The required shielding surface will be optimized taking into account the configuration of the considered building and the need for magnetic attenuation. We mainly work with multilayer materials, with compositions such as pretreated aluminum-metal or silicon-aluminum iron.

Significant applications

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A tailor-made support

MECA MAGNETIC has a design office capable of assisting you, with a perfect mastery of heat treatment, in the design of your shielding needs, a capacity to supply quality material (with control), a network of subcontractors recognized in their markets and the possibility of installation (France or neighbouring countries).

Here again, we know how to adapt to a wide variety of needs expressed in our field of expertise, whether in room sizing, attenuation needs or customer typology:

  • – Assistance/adjustments in magnetic and mechanical design

    – Study of complementary solutions to passive shielding

    – Material supply

    – Thermal treatment

    – Delivery

    – On-site installation (on request)

    – Final inspection


A Zero-Gauss part is a part composed of one or more layers of materials with high magnetic permeability (Mumetal in particular) in order to achieve extremely low residual magnetic fields.

The ambient magnetic field can strongly interfere with the calculation results of an electron microscope in optronic rooms. The aim of a shielding system is therefore to reduce the magnetic field as much as possible. In the implementation below, MECA MAGNETIC has designed, produced and installed a shielded room intended to carry out optronic experiments ensuring a residual field environment of less than 0.5 micro tesla, in a highly polluted electromagnetic environment.

Transformers generate magnetic fields in their immediate environment which can lead to computer or electronic malfunctions and possible occupational health problems. Therefore, a transformer room can be shielded.