Magnetic shielding medical imaging
Medical imaging magnetic shielding

Structured thin sheet metal for medical imaging

MECA MAGNETIC’s customer portfolio includes major global contractors such as Philips Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Agfa-Gevaert, etc. These historic markets have represented a significant part of its core business for over 60 years.  

We know how to study a multiplicity of needs for the development of parts or continuous improvement of existing parts in the field of medical imaging. We integrate the requirements of security, technical control, repeatability, traceability …

We are structured and able to respond to different requests on FAI, FMEA, QAP (pop up: quality improvement plan) special processes, analysis of non-conformities by the 8D method, REACH & ROHS, response to the requirements of the client, ethical practices and CSR, regular audits systems or products by our customers …

Because continuous improvement is a key success factor for us, we are constantly seeking to better meet our customers’ needs by improving service rates, quality and compliance with standards.

Medical imaging : a response to demanding manufacturing processes

MECA MAGNETIC is a vertically integrated organization which allows us to offer a wide range of services to answer your subcontracting and/or co-contracting problems such as design assistance (especially mechanical), tooling management, production and subassembly. Self-checking and final inspection are key steps in the release of our parts.

To ensure the needs in low frequency magnetic shielding, we work with the following materials: lead, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminium, permimphy, pure iron… for the main applications which are the image intensifier tubes, the X-ray sources…

Relevant products

If most of the applications in medical imaging consisted in shielding image intensifier tubes, we also shield photomultipliers photomultipliers, X-ray sensors, or sometimes X-ray sources. ,

They trust us

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A regular and rigorous support

MECA MAGNETIC is vertically integrated and has a panel of approved/accredited subcontractors. Our know-how and our network enable us to meet your requirements in terms of costs, quality, deadlines, but also in terms of processes and possible qualifications.

We are therefore able to fit into the normative framework required by the major principals:

  • – Competence and integration of long product qualification cycles,

    – Understanding of the need to secure manufacturing processes and flows,

    – Continuous improvement of industrialization,

    – Traceability, repeatability, reactivity, rigorous management of records;

    – Process risk analysis and mitigation, quality management and analysis

    – Qualification through internal or external training of operating procedures and operators,

    – Experienced personnel, support functions and management

Our qualified and regularly trained internal and external staff and experienced management guarantee each customer a privileged and attentive interlocutor.


An image intensifier tube is a vacuum tube device for increasing the intensity of the available light in a system to facilitate visual imaging of low-light sources in low-light conditions. The development of image intensifier tubes began during the 20th century.

An X-ray tube is a vacuum tube that converts electrical input power into X-rays. The availability of this controllable source of X-rays created the radiography, ie the imaging of partly opaque objects with penetrating radiation. In 1913, Coolidge improved the cathode used in the X-ray tube which resulted in a major improvement of anatomy and tumors vizualization.

Photomultiplier tubes are vacuum tubes, which are extremely sensitive detectors of light in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.