Fine sheet metal work magnetic shielding
Mumetal magnetic shielding

Capital and consumer goods

The need for low-frequency magnetic shielding is found in a wide range of end products, both capital goods and consumer goods, mostly in permimphy.

MECA MAGNETIC intervenes wherever magnetic fields cause an undesired interaction with a sensor, a component, electrons, or an environment, and positions itself as a subcontractor of fine sheet metal work for various applications in various sectors of activity.

We meet the needs of our customers in low frequency magnetic shielding by delivering quality permimphy parts (in unit, small batches or more significant series) at competitive rates, within the given time and in compliance with the plan.

MECA MAGNETIC has a permanent stock of c6 tons of standard references in permimphy with a wide choice of dimensions and thicknesses, integrated heat treatment and treatments adapted to the need.

Process and Quality

Relevant applications

The fields of applications are very varied, ranging from photomultipliers, three-phase electric meters, bank terminals, transformers, to clocks and compasses. The materials we work with are lead, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminum, permimphy, pure iron…

They trust us

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A tailor-made support

The vertical integration of MECA MAGNETIC’s production, its controlled panel of subcontractors and its stock of available materials allow optimized deadlines and competitive prices.

MECA MAGNETIC knows how to adapt to a wide variety of subcontracting needs, whether in terms of series size, dimensions, materials, definition of part finishes, etc:


  • – Assistance/adjustments in magnetic and mechanical design
  • – Manufacturing of sub-assemblies
  • – Ability to perform certain finishing steps
  • – Surface treatment, including heat treatment
  • – Assembly
  • – Inspection
  • – Delivery