Aerospace magnetic shielding
Magnetic shielding in a structured fine sheet metal work for aeronautics and space

Aeronautics and space

MECA MAGNETIC works for worldwide aerospace groups which represented, in 2021, nearly 20% of its sales, in sectors with high and varied requirements, mainly in Europe. These historical markets in aeronautics, space and transport have represented its core business for over 60 years.

MECA MAGNETIC’s portfolio includes major global customers such as Thales, Safran E&D but also niche companies such as Orolia, Ixblue…

MECA MAGNETIC knows how to adapt to a multiplicity of needs, whether it is for the development of prototypes and series, security, or technical mastery requirements.

We are structured and able to respond to the problems of : FAI, FMECA, special processes, traceability, repeatability, analysis of non-conformities by the 8D method, REACH & ROHS, compatibility with the requirements of the client, ethical and CSR practices, regular audits of systems or products by our customers…

  • Because continuous improvement is for us a key factor of success, we are constantly seeking to better respond to our customers by improving, service rate, quality, response to standards.

A high requirement on the manufacturing processes

MECA MAGNETIC offers a wide range of services enabling us to respond to subcontracting and/or co-contracting issues such as design assistance, tooling management, production and subassembly.

To ensure the needs in low frequency magnetic shielding, we work with the following materials: lead, stainless steel, nickel alloys, aluminium, permimphy, pure iron… for the main applications such as inertial power stations, atomic clocks, LVDT, flow meters…

Significant products

Our main applications are inertial units, atomic clocks, LVDTs, flow meters, etc.
  • – Inertial units are used in aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles and sometimes other devices that need to be autonomous in order to know their position and move with precision.
  •  Atomic clocks allow very precise time counting (e.g. network synchronisation).
  • -The LVDT-type position sensors or flow meters are mainly used in aeronautics.

They trust us

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A rigorous support

The vertical integration of a significant part of the manufacturing of low frequency magnetic shielding and a large panel of approved subcontractors allow MECA MAGNETIC to answer in terms of costs, quality, deadlines, but also of processes and possible qualifications to the high requirements of its principals.

MECA MAGNETIC is thus able to fit into the normative framework required by the major principals:

  • – Competence and understanding of long product qualification cycles,

    – Stakes of securing manufacturing processes and flows,

    – Improvement of industrialization,

    – Traceability, repeatability, reactivity, record management;

    – Process risk analysis and mitigation, quality management and analysis

    – Qualification of operating procedures and operators,

    – Experienced personnel, support functions and management allowing an understanding of the customer’s issues.

MECA MAGNETIC has set up an HR organization that enables us to meet aeronautical and space requirements: our staff is qualified, supervised by experienced managers and our teams are stable. The organization also ensures its customers a regularity of competences, by a regular follow-up and measurement of the internal competences, training plan (internal and external), follow-up of the versatility, process qualification, parts and special processes and evaluation, anticipation of the retirements.

A key partnership

Historically a player in the aeronautics and space industries, MECA MAGNETIC can as such indirectly serve the defense markets. We thus quite naturally joined the EDEN (European Defense Economic Network) Cluster in 2017.

logo du cluster EDEN aerospace and defense

Created in 2008, the EDEN Cluster is an association of companies that allows its members to pool their industrial and technological skills and thus present the Defense, Security and Safety sector with a complete, solid and relevant offer.

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Inertial navigation is a self-contained navigation technique in which measurements provided by accelerometers and gyroscopes are used to track the position and orientation of an object relative to a known starting point, orientation and velocity. By processing signals from these devices, an INS can detect a change in its geographic position (a move east or north, for example), a change in its velocity (speed and direction of movement) and a change in its orientation (rotation about an axis). Inertial navigation systems are used in many different moving objects.

An atomic clock is a clock that measures time by monitoring the frequency of radiation of atoms. The accurate timekeeping capabilities of atomic clocks are also used for navigation by satellite networks such as the European Union's Galileo Program.

The linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) (also called linear differential transformer) is a type of electrical transformer used for measuring linear displacement (position).

The objective of a flow meter is to have a reliable measurement information on a mechanism working by the creation of an electromagnetic field, which is disturbed by an external magnetic field (magnet, electric actuator for example).
The measurement is performed by a flowmeter, which must be protected by a magnetic shield.