Magnetic shielding scientific projects

Scientific projects on a European scale

MECA MAGNETIC regularly collaborates on scientific projects in low-frequency magnetic shielding for research laboratories but also for universities.

Our main scientific projects and or products developed for industrial groups and realized regularly during the past years, have allowed MECA MAGNETIC teams to develop a recognized know-how and to maintain a certain level of competences which will benefit to each stage of your project.

We have collaborated with research laboratories such as CEA, CNRS, INFN, CIEMAT, DESY, CERN and universities such as Universität des Saarlandes, Bar Ilan University, Georg August Universität Göttingen, University of twente, Universität Rostock, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Aalto University, University of Geneva…

  • Because innovation is for us a key factor of success, we permanently seek to develop it by supporting the collaboration with our customers and new technological partners of type start-up or laboratories of innovation.

Our contribution to European projects

Thanks to its know-how and its internal or internalized technical capacity (thanks to its network of faithful and quality partners), MECA MAGNETIC is able to respond to European calls for tender. The main applications for low frequency magnetic shielding made from Permimphy, cryophy or other ferro nickel alloys are accelerator cavities, cryostats, quantum computers, squids, electronic microscopes… The proposed solutions can take the following forms: shielding that follows the shape of the parts to be shielded, large cylinders (>1m3), room shielding, shielded cabins…
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They trust us

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A long term support

With more than 20 years of experience, MECA MAGNETIC uses all its know-how and accompanies you in your scientific projects by offering you:

  • – Project management (annual or multi-year).

    – The answer to complex specifications.

    – A realization according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 v. 2015.

    – Assistance in magnetic design.

    – Mechanical design on Solidworks, definition of manufacturing processes.

    – Prototyping and costing, assistance in the reflection on the specifications before launching the consultation.

    – Supply of the quality assurance plan and control plans.

    – A detailed logistics plan.

    – Manufacturing and heat treatment.

    – A follow-up of traceability

MECA MAGNETIC has a stable team and experienced human resources, whether in management, technicians or operators, which allows us to meet your needs for support throughout your project. Our staff has an average experience of more than 8 years.

The organization thus ensures you a regularity of competences, regularly evaluated (annual measurement of competences and versatility, and adaptation of the training plan (internal and external) to the needs (GPEC), to the needs in process qualification and manufacturing processes

An essential partnership

Since the beginning of the year 2000, MECA MAGNETIC has chosen a strategic orientation and collaboration with large scientific laboratories and European projects and has very quickly integrated groups or associations of companies in order to respond to these research organizations.

These companies (large French groups, ETIs and niche SMEs) are now federated under the Piges group.

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Piges aims to federate around technical, economic and strategic themes, and to coordinate common actions by creating privileged links with academic and institutional partners. It is also committed to animate, train and communicate on the development of a coherent network, to support the French research organizations by representing a force of proposal to reinforce the image of excellence of the French industry.