Certification ISO 9001
15 Jul 2022

ISO 9001 accreditation

ISO 9001 v 2015 certification

We are proud to announce the renewal of our ISO 9001 edition 2015 certification for the next three years, following the passage of external auditors from TUV Gmbh on 22 April 2022. Meca Magnetic has been assessed and found to meet the requirements for the manufacture of our low frequency magnetic shields. Each of Meca Magnetic’s employees is involved in obtaining this standard, which is a structuring project for the company and a lever for all the teams.
  • Meca Magnetic has been ISO 9001 certified since 2009 and has always been committed to maintaining and renewing this standard every year, as well as improving our working practices. This certification is therefore a continuation of a regular and thorough work.
The employees of Meca Magnetic thus demonstrate their ability and commitment to customer satisfaction, the quality system, management, continuous improvement and finally the integration of our social responsibility.


ISO 9001, as it is defined today, integrates strict, efficient and result-oriented management practices. Meetings between process managers allow for regular updates. These meetings ensure that information is passed on to employees. In addition, these points trigger a permanent improvement in the conduct of operations, an adjustment of resources, and a better achievement of the objectives set, all while integrating the interested parties or external constraints.
Managing Director
Certification ISO 9001