What is mumetal ?
It is an alloy with high magnetic permeability consisting of 80 % nickel , 15 % iron , 5 % molybdenum , traces of C and Si Mn
Physical property:
                density: 8.7
                low corrosion in normal atmosphere
Mumetal can be worked the same way as stainless steel.
What is a magnetic shielding?
It is a protection against magnetic waves which attenuates in a detemined volume the ambient magnetic field .
How far can we shield (frequency)?
We can shield different frequencies with different techniques. For low frequencies, materials with high permeability are used, for higher frequencies the low-resistivity materials are used.
For very high frequencies (Giga Hertz) , there are very different solutions.
Are the high-voltage lines dangerous to health?
One may think, but nothing is officially proven
Why is it necessary to perform heat treatment on mumetal, nickel alloys and pure iron?
The heat treatment is used to rearrange the crystal structure after plastic deformation.
This also increases the grain size, so the partitions of Bloch.
Once this is done, the field lines circulate better within the material.
Can you heat treat a shielding a second time?
This may be necessary if it has suffered shocks or when one has doubts about the effectiveness of an old shield.
In all cases, please contact us before making your decision.
Is a mu-metal shield effective against mobile phones waves?
No. Mumetal is not effective against this type of high frequency waves.
Are there books on electromagnetism?
Yes there are many! ! But we advise you to choose based on your knowledge, your expertise and your interest.
Shielding reception or transmission?
Both.  You have to choose if you want to avoid magnetic lines escaping or if you prefer to protect a component.
What is the range of low frequency?
Between 0 and 100 kilohertz.
Do you use finite element simulations?
We outsource this operation which is quite expensive when our traditional methods are no longer sufficient .
In almost all cases, the simulation is not required.
Do you make prototypes ?
Yes . This is common in our type of business.
Do you offer survey measurements on site?
Yes. We come when it seems necessary or upon specific request.
Does the shielding effect disappear over time?
No. Unless the shield suffered shocks or plastic deformation
Do you guarantee results?
Yes if it is reasonable. We control the attenuation using our Helmholtz coil or using Gaussmeters .
Can I buy Mumetal and make myself my own shield ?
You can do it.
But you need to keep in mind the following key points: finding mumetal and the heat treatment.
Does aluminium foil stop the electromagnetic field?
Only the electric component.
What geometric tolerance are you able to maintain?
Some tenths of a millimetre. We are in the field of precision metalworking after all.