• This category consists of  individual parts : highly engineered, expertly designed, with a high  level of skilled manufacturing.
  • MMc regularly manufactures such parts which are typically used in the magnetic shielding market.
  • They are found especially in the fields of space (saving weight and space), research (integration experience), and machine tool applications.


  • Our team will assist you with your project. In a joint effort between the design office, workshop technicians and yourself, we use our experience to best serve your needs.
  • Design: Our engineering department designs your project using Solidworks files. The result is presented to you for validation.
  • Manufacturing: Our highly skilled technicians produce such parts.
  • Experience: Our years of experience allow us to achieve these unique and complex parts, combining requirements and specifications, requiring the use of very expensive raw materials. These parts must also go through a heat treatment of over 1150 ° C.