• These are serial parts assembled with very different components.
  • These components are made:
            - With different materials: mumetal, other nickel alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, lead ...
           - With different processes: 2D and 3D laser cutting, bending, welding, embossing, stamping, machining, gluing, ...
           - With purchased components: foundry, plastic housings, machined mechanical parts...
  • These parts require genuine supply chain management with semi finished stock.C



  • This kind of part is an important area of the company's business.
  • To manage all the logistics of these parts, MMc used an ERP which also benefits our other productions.
  • Our expertise in this type of product is based on the capitalization of experience from our various achievements (serial shields, custom, ...)
  • The part on the left is produced in batches of a few tens of parts per month and requires:
        - 3 materials: mumetal, aluminum, lead
       -10 Processes: 2D and 3D laser, bending, welding, spinning, mounting screws, adhesive, casting, machining, drilling
       - 2 surface treatments: chromate conversion coating, painting