Machined parts


  •  In weak fields, the machined parts are rarely used because the sheet metal solutions are sufficient to channel the magnetic flux into the thickness.
  • In a strong field, this may be particularly useful to avoid saturation of the material. However, the cost can quickly become a deterrent. Other designs are available so this solution is rarely used. 
  • However, there are some typical applications like pieces for electronic microscope columns, shielding magnets (under certain conditions of employment)...
  • Very often, machined parts correspond to magnetic parts (which are not shields).


  • Some high performance magnetic cores require the use of "bar" mumetal
  • MMC can manufacture these parts by machining from our own stock of raw material. In cases requiring special formats, we will find a solution that meets your need.



  • When a part is too complicated to be produced with a sheet metal process (tolerance, thickness, geometry), it may be worthwhile to machine the part.
  • Conversely, it is sometimes better to convert a machined part to a sheet metal part (eg: a cylinder 4 mm thick with a diameter of 30 mm can be converted into two cylinders  with thicknesses of  2 mm each.)