• Most magnets create strong fields, especially when you are very close. Therefore, at a short distance the presence of too strong field will saturate the shield and make it ineffective.
  • To design a shield for magnet, it is preferable to perform a finite element simulation and manufacture prototypes. But for this, we have to be sure that the economic issues require that investment.
  • A magnet can therefore be shielded if its characteristics, the space available and the desired attenuation are compatible.
  • MMc no longer produces shielding design for magnet. However, we can make the screen according to your designs.
  • Installing the shield around the magnet is an operation which has to be perfectly done if you don’t want to create saturation.



  • We frequently receive requests for the development of permanent magnet motors.
  • As a result of our operating experience, we are no longer helping for the design. However, we provide prototypes of all forms according to our customer designs.