• Transformers or power lines installed in buildings create pollution of all kinds, which can affect machinery or people.
  • Before taking the decision to install a shield, it is necessary to try to reduce the perturbation. Then, the installation of a shield can be considered. However, we must keep in mind that this is very expensive.
  • These shields can be rooms, ceilings or floors made with mumetal, pure iron or aluminium.
  • MMc provides mechanical design, manufacture and installation of shielded rooms or walls. We can also deliver shielding surfaces ready to install with instructions.
  • For the shielding of transformers, MMc works for the magnetic design, in collaboration with a company specialized in this area. 



     Standards for human exposure to magnetic fields differ from one country to another.
     If recommendations exist, the facts are that some people are hypersensitive and remoteness is the only solution.