Surface treatment

  • There are two major cases which require a surface treatment on the shields: the appearance of paints and protection against oxidation.
  • The iron nickel alloys are easy to paint by applying a powder or liquid paint;
  • The mumetal does not require special protection in a "normal" environment.
  • For pure iron and alloys containing 36% nickel, it is strongly recommended to protect the screen against oxidation. We can use paints but also nickel, tin plating...
  • However, there are other solutions with Cadmium, gilding ... that may also be considered.
  • When choosing a surface treatment, it is necessary to ensure that it does not excessively heat the part and stays far below the Curie temperature.


                           Examples of painting

     Painting without radioactivity for the Borexino experiment
     Medical paint (liquid Mushroom)


In association with partners, Meca Magnetic provide weekly shieldings protected against the risk of damage (such as oxidation), or visible painted parts that will be assembled on very expensive device.