Heat treatment

  • Magnetic ferro alloys require heat treatment to develop their magnetic properties.
  • The choice of heat treatment depends on the following three points:
              - Magnetic values requirements
              - Technology : vacuum or hydrogen
              - The cost 
  • We offer various types of standard cycles to in order to reach permeability of hundreds of thousands. However it is possible to create more specific cycles.
  • We carry out treatment under vacuum or hydrogen in furnaces of different sizes ( in-house or outsourcing ) .
  • As we do heat treatment every day, we can be competitive in our prices, and flexible.
  • The heat treatment is not a trivial operation and must be prepared beforehand in the design. It is important to understand the characteristics of the furnaces (dimensions, sizes, equipment, tools ) to predict the deformation of parts.​


The added value of a specialist in magnetic shielding is the expertise in the thermal treatment which affects the design and the final mechanical and magnetic results.


Boxes in mumetal 0.1 mm heat treated at 1150 °
Cylinder 1.2 meters in diameter, 5 feet long
Cylinder 1.8 meters in diameter respecting a lower roundness to 1 cm