• The choice of the assembly will depend on the desired magnetic efficiency and feasibility. This may have a significant impact on cost.
  • The main processes are:
         - TIG welding
         - laser welding
         - electric welding
         - bonding
         - echanical fastening components (rivet nuts, rivets ...)
         - mechanical fixing by deformation or interlocking 
  • The first two processes (TIG and laser) ensure a perfect magnetic continuity; the following ones generate a gap more or less important.
  • The TIG welding process is the most commonly used. MMc usually weld by TIG, thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 3 mm.
  Example of different options to close a cylinder:
     Rolled edge to edge
     Rolled with recovery
     electric welded
     pointed TIG
     TIG welded
     laser welded