produits blindages magnetiques traitement thermique fabrication unitaire ou par serie

the company

MMc is specialized in the manufacturing of low frequency magnetic shieldings in mumetal or other ferromagnetic alloys. la societe


MMc is present in the majority of industries and applications requiring low frequency shieldings for strong or weak magnetic fields. secteurs d'activite


MMc MANUFACTURES all shapes (plates, covers, cylinders, boxes, carved pieces, multilayers, rooms ...) and sizes (from mm to meters). produits

know how

MMc manages the production of shieldings from design to delivery. The manufacturing can be single or in large quantities. It includes the heat treatment. savoir-faire


Because shieldings are not simple sheet metal parts, MMc provides information on the magnetic functions of these parts. theorie


You can find a list of your contacts and a contact form you can send us with your attached documents (pdf, igs, step, dxf, ...). nos realisations